Tasty synths, cloud-like harmonies and dreamy electro pop beats are what GL are serving up on new LP, Touch

From Melbourne electro pop duo GL comes a building and vibrant new album Touch. Not lacking in energy and even less in originality, GL have built upon their existing tasty synth pop for something even more sparky in this latest addition.

Photo by César Rodrigues

GL get all five senses feeling good, with their terrifically tasty, synth filled, electro pop dreamland of an LP, Touch.

With a subtle yet super well-orchestrated punch of classic 80s pop, Touch is a bulky 14 track smooth ride into the galaxy, and nothing short of a colourful and sparkling escape from the shitty Sydney winter.

I pretty much landed in a cloud of sequin shimmer candy floss while downing this banger in one sitting. It’s a contemporary take on an 80s magic carpet ride to disco town, crisp and punchy, GL have killed it with this one and are on their way to the heights of millennial pop greatness.

Opening with Number One, it’s built by the deepest of clarity in vocals and sculpted synth, with no need for a climactic escalation, Number One starts strong and finishes stronger. Not faltering, this is a bold opener with perfectly timed drops and climbs, sparkling with chimes and gorgeous scattered drum beats.

Indigo, again brings unwavering consistency, however a mellowness plateaus out with this one, almost like a sip of water to cleanse the palette before diving straight into a lilting and oceanic When Your Love Was Mine, echoing and sensual. Pop soaked in a teenage dream vein however with clarity of contemplation far exceeding any adolescent notions it may hold lyrically.

Jumping straight into a slightly less intriguing Hallucinate, GL hits us super hard with some direct slap bass and progressive beats, it’s a late night ‘round up the stray balloons’ kind of feel. Being the longest track on the album, it’s not what I’d pick for a continuous play, but fun for the first 2 and a half minutes.

Grip is dark and filling with swelling bass, a sexual current running throughout and a consistent little spoken droplet which brings a robotic techno visitor to the party. It’s complex and well-articulated, definitely one of the peak tracks overall.

Warm and Scully follow on, again with a similar thread of moody consistency, these don’t stand out per say, but are necessary additions to the album, which is proving to be a sandwich, kaleidoscope of flavoursome tastes of classic electro pop.

Standout track Body Language really brought it home for me, upbeat and taking the best from the whole compendium, drums are on point and the fast paced vocal hooks bring back to life what was a luxurious slumber during the middle section of the album.

The high pitched peaking vocals are reminiscent of Flume’s Never Be Like You with touches of La Roux, piercing and emotional, far beyond cookie cutter, a raw and rich originality is breathed from the whole album, current and yet pushing some boundaries beyond the electro pop revival.

Touch is an effervescent and glittery addition to anyone’s late night jam. Filled with swollen synth notes and delicious pop vocals splashed strategically throughout. GL has come forth with a cracker of an album that is definitely gracing the dance floor of my next house party.