Last week we announced Nussy’s tour, and now she’s told us what we can expect: a glittery synth paradise

Last week we announced Nussy’s new single Body Talk and the tour the songbird is embarking on following the release. Her shows are fast approaching – Friday 29th July is the first of only two.

Body Talk is an enchanting story of hopeless attraction, with dreamy, sensual vocals and hazy electronic beats to match. A single this good promises top-notch live shows, so we sat down with the artist herself to talk her process, influences, style and her dog Jax.


Nussy draws listeners to a pop daydream with her music. She promises a live show in that vein – a glittery, synth fairyland.

HAPPY: Congrats on the new single Nussy! Can you tell us a little bit about the track? Who is Body Talk about?

NUSSY: Thanks – it’s always exciting to be putting out a new track! Body Talk is about being so into someone that when you’re with them, you’re almost consumed by them. It’s about that intangible power that draws people together.

HAPPY: Being a solo artist, what is your writing/recording process like? Do you work with a producer in a studio or is it a solo bedroom thing from start to finish, or a combination of the two?

NUSSY: I love to work with different producers. Usually a song will start from a basic track and then I’ll add a melody and lyrics. At the moment I’m writing a lot with my good friend NLSON. He produced Body Talk and my last release Sinking Into You as well. We’ve been playing music together for so many years now – it’s a really enriching experience creating something with someone who knows me inside out.

HAPPY: I love your vocal style. Is there anyone you draw influence from in particular? Who are some of your vocal heroes?

NUSSY: Thank you. I have so many influences, it’s hard to name a few! I love so many vocalists from Emma Louise to Annie Lennox! I guess I do take little bits from different vocalists but I’ve always made a real point of trying to sound like myself. A singing teacher once said to me, “just sing it how you would say it” and that’s just sort of stuck with me.

HAPPY: I could totally see you writing a tune for a film soundtrack – Body Talk is so cinematic – if you had the chance, who would you want to work with?

NUSSY: This is something I’ve always been interested in doing because I especially love scoring lush orchestral parts. Who would I love to work with? I’d have to say John Williams, I can’t go past the genius who wrote The Imperial March.

HAPPY: You have an incredible visual style. What inspires this? Do you work with a stylist in any capacity, or is it all you?

NUSSY: Colour, sparkles and anything fluffy are my life! It’s hard not to have fun when you are wearing things like that. I mainly pull bits and pieces together myself but I have a little help from the beautiful Jade Mary who runs Melbourne e-boutique Tibbs & Bones. Her goodies are amazing!

HAPPY: How about your artwork? Very 80s. Who do you work with there?

NUSSY: My amazing cousin Dean Dragonetti did the artwork for my last two singles. He is one half of Melbourne label Shaka Shirts and I thought his style would be spot on, and it is!

HAPPY: I see you have a dog. Pretty jealous. Can you tell us about him?

NUSSY: Yes, he is my world! Jax is a Staffy x Maltese Shitzhu and he is four. He was a rescue pup from Sunraysia Animal Rehousing Group – an animal shelter in Mildura run entirely by volunteers. I had never had a pet before Jax and now I honestly cannot imagine my life without him. He loves sticks and snoozing under my piano stool while I’m writing – he’s just the cutest.

HAPPY: We were stoked to be apart of the all-female Neon Alley show you played at a few months back. There seem to be a lot of amazing events focusing on promoting females creatives popping up (Sad Grrrls fest being a great example). How does it feel to be a part of this new cultural feminist wave?

NUSSY: It’s so great so see so many awesome females coming to the fore at the moment! I think a lot of people mistake feminism as this movement where we are hating on men but that’s not how I see it at all. It’s just about us as females being able to show that we have just as much to give as the guys do and in such a male dominated industry, it’s equally great that there are people wanting to showcase all-female line-ups!

HAPPY: Who are some of your favourite local artists?

NUSSY: There are so many! But to name a few… I love Lanks’ style and am super keen to see what he’s going to come out with next. Slowcoaching is doing some really cool stuff at the moment too. I also really dig MYAMI, she opened the Neon Alley show I played at a few months ago and absolutely blew me away!

HAPPY: Any dream collaborations? Who and why?

NUSSY: I would love to do something with Frank Ocean. I think he’s an absolute genius and he was born only a day before me so I feel like we’d have a great celestial connection.

HAPPY: I’m sure you’re aware of the current live music climate in Sydney? From your experience how does Melbourne compare to Sydney in terms of live music? Is there a palpable difference in your opinion?

NUSSY: I love Melbourne so perhaps I’m a little biased but I think there is a noticeable difference in terms of the amount of live music venues. Then there’s the added pressure of the lockout which means gigs aren’t able to run as late. Having said that, Sydney punters are awesome and in that respect I haven’t noticed any great difference – their support is still there and that’s what matters!

HAPPY: Who do you play with live? What’s the stage dynamic like?

NUSSY: My band are amazing! I’ve got two beautiful humans who play live with me – Nelson (who produced my last two tracks) and Besty. They both have great energy and are just so much fun to share the stage with. Both the guys are extremely talented and I honestly could not do these shows without them!

HAPPY: What can we expect from your live set? Are crazy stage props or outfits on the cards?

NUSSY: I see my live set as an extension of my own crazy self. Imagine a fluffy fairy land, sprinkled with stardust set to a soundtrack of synths. I want to transport every single person who steps through the door on a journey to my world.

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