PREMIERE: Where is he off to? Stephen Bailey channels intrigue and Wes Anderson in his debut clip Mr. Fair

Mt. Mountain front man Stephen Bailey has stepped out and is releasing his own debut album Silo, due out June 30th. From this release we present to you the latest music video for the single Mr. Fair.

With a vein of Wes Anderson aesthetic running throughout, the clip was shot, edited and directed by fresh face Sam Eastcott.

Building folk harmonies upon an eerie flute backing, the track is anything but conventional. Filmed in the haunting remains of the bushfire-affected area of Yarloop in Western Australia, Bailey’s clip is the right balance of comedic narrative and mystery. Washed out in colour and paying homage to Anderson and Coppola’s signature styles, the clip is clothed in nostalgia and despair.

Mr. Fair follows Stephen Bailey through the ravaged landscape on an arduous pilgrimage; the clip showcasing a duality between romantic closure and personal discovery.

A bold and exciting visual escape, Bailey’s astounding attention to detail does not go unnoticed. Clearly a stickler for the intricacies of production and authenticity of sound, Silo is sure to be a debut to engage us all in its entirety.

Wind whipping a sparse grassy expanse and the flash of red adorning Bailey’s object of note build up the notion of a solitary character, searching for meaning, a person, or even the perfect location. Mr. Fair is mournful and carries with it themes of death and loss, but is also bright and optimistic, with definite and hopeful closure in its closing moments.

With nods to a slower, swirling branch of indie, poppy hooks and ebbs of psych, Bailey’s first cut lays the foundation for plenty more magical tunes to come.