This 6 hour playlist of songs from Wes Anderson films will get you feeling whimsical AF

Top dog filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for many things. Symmetry, amazing use of colour, a disaffected whimsy and killer soundtracks radiate outwards from each of his films, all the way back from The Royal Tennenbaums up until The Grand Budapest Hotel.

His films are a treasure, and the soundtracks are a major contributor. It’s why this enormous Spotify playlist featuring what feels like every song he’s ever taken to screen has racked up almost 32,000 followers to this date.

wes anderson soundtracks happy mag moonrise kingdom

Want to bring the magic of Wes Anderson to your earholes? Clear the next six hours of your life for this absolutely amazing Spotify playlist.

Featuring everything from the songs that made each of his film’s soundtracks to the original orchestral tracks written for the movies, it’s a hugely diverse list that’s sure to tug on the heartstrings for any longtime Anderson fan.

If you have a single favourite scene from one of these movies, a favourite character or just a favourite song, it’s likely in there, somewhere within this 138 track monster.

Although it’s not perfect. As pointed out by The AV Club, a few of Mark Mothersbaugh’s orchestral pieces and Satyajit Ray songs from The Darjeeling Limited are excluded for reasons unknown.