PREMIERE: Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents prove that time is money on their turbo-charged jam News

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents are bullshit repellents. Their music is hard and fast, recorded straight to tape or blasted to your ears through an amp the size of your fridge.

And their debut EP Cheap Things is on the way. Today we bring you the first taste of that fervid release, a red-blooded, unabashed rock jam named News.

nick nuisance & the delinquents cheap things news new ep happy mag issue 4 launch

With News, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents prove that nobody needs more than 120 seconds to smash out a fiery jam.

The upcoming EP will be called Cheap Things, and will strut much the same road as what the band have laid down on News. Short songs, built for the stage.

Listen to News below, and keep reading to hear what Mr. Nuisance himself had to say about the upcoming release.

HAPPY: What’s in store for the rest of the EP?

NICK: Cheap Things is a collection of five songs under three minutes that we’ve been playing around town for a year or so now, working up our live chops so we can back up the recordings, and these five are the ones that we froth over playing the most.

Being a live band is our main motivation for playing, we don’t want to sit inside all day and fantasise about playing a show, we want to be in your face and make you go home and want to start your own thing. So, we decided to record the whole EP live over two days, straight to tape. Some songs only took three or four takes, we were pretty stoked. The whole process was really quick and it’s captured a bit of our sweat and angst.

HAPPY: Why did you decide to keep each track so short?

NICK: We didn’t really decide, I guess the decision was made for us. We all have really short attention spans and songs that have prolonged solos, or spacey sections, or vocal wanks annoy the fuck out of me. I’m in it to make as much impact in as little time as possible. I think they’re the best songs; short, punchy, heaps of impact and still loads of emotion.

HAPPY: Can you talk us through what it was like working with Owen Penglis and Mikey Young on the EP?

NICK: Well, working with Owen in recording was great. He’s straight to the point like us so it really suited the way we wanted to record. A sense of urgency is always something that pushes us along. He didn’t shy away when we sounded shit and when we sounded good he just gave us a nod and we moved on- simple as that.

Mikey on the other hand – we didn’t really get to chat to him. It was all internet based for the mastering. But I mean he has a pretty amazing legacy with Eddy Current and he’s done a bang up job making the EP nice and jagged and full so we’re grateful. Onya Mikey!


Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents are one of the bands joining Happy at Underproof, the launch party for Issue 4 of our print mag. Underproof celebrates the emerging talent we love so much, and will see 5 bands under 500 Facebook likes take the stage for a wild, free gig (to their credit they’re now sitting pretty at 510 likes… I guess we’ll still let them play).

Joining them will be WAWAWOW, Dives, The Uplifting Bell Ends and Gauci. Find all the details here.