Fox And Fowl have dropped a politically charged new video for Spark

Following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Rose a few weeks back, Brisbane indie-pop trio Fox And Fowl have just released their politically charged new video for their latest single Spark , inspired by the recent events surrounding the FIFA world cup in Brazil.

Fox and Fowl post

“We wanted to highlight the fact that the Brazillian government and FIFA were spending millions of dollars on Cup, while millions of Brazilians were living below the poverty line and struggling with their every day life. The country was “just a spark away” from igniting in uproar and riots.” says singer and keyboard player Lachlan Smart.

The video features the trio playing in a shadowy room, with scenes of social unrest playing across them as they glide the mellow, emotional track. The band are about to Mackay Food and Wine Festival before they head back into the studio to record some more tunes.