Want live music at your next house party? This app is changing the game

Want live music at your next house party? Check out Six8, an app which lets anyone book a band

Ahhh birthdays. The time of year where we have an excuse to throw outrageous parties filled with friends, booze, good times and regrettable dance moves. And yet, the fear of throwing a total doozy is one that often creeps into the back of our minds, occasionally manifesting into a sad birthday reality.

So what exactly that constitutes a dud party? Contributing factors can range anywhere from warm beers, lack of guests or music playing through a crappy bluetooth speaker. From previous experience, music has seemed to play a pretty important role in dictating whether or not a party is an absolute banger, or a total flop.

Having a good sound system may help your cause, however they fail to recreate the feeling and experience offered by live music… and this is where the new website/app Six8 comes in.

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Photos: Dani Hansen

If you want live music at your house party, on your romantic dinner for two or just need someone to jam with, Six8 is the answer to your prayers.

The revolutionary tool is an online platform that’s transforming the way we run events, opening us up to countless possibilities surrounding live music. Connecting musos with anyone that wants to experience live music, Six8 allows both venues and individuals to book live acts, acting in a similar vein to AirBnB.

Allowing you to create your own live music experience, Six8 aims to close the gap between musicians and the community however they can. The app allows you to browse through a list of artists, view their profiles and hourly rates as well as listen to their music and book with the tap of a button.

Six8 was created with the intention to give artists the freedom to do what they love while personally connecting with their audiences in new and creative ways. From being serenaded by an acoustic guitar at a beach BBQ, to a jazz band at a wedding, Six8 is changing the dynamic of how we get to experience live music and is encouraging more artists to get hired for gigs.

100% free for both artists and live music lovers to download, the only charge is a 10% booking fee for the host who books a musician. 400 plus artists have already signed up to Six8 and the number is continually growing, with 20 to 40 new artists acts on board every week.

Users are able to rate, review and comment on artists’ profiles so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before booking. And the same goes for artists, allowing them to rate their hosts. Six8 has no limits, and plans to fill in the missing link between musicians and their audiences.

With the closing down of so many great music venues around Australia, it’s a step forward in the right direction, making live music more accessible to everyday people. Drawing attention to fledgling acts as well as making gigs a part of our identity, Six8 helps to seek out undiscovered talent and extend an olive branch in new ways individuals can experience live music.

So if you’ve got a birthday or end of year party on the horizon and a couple of bucks to spare, why not opt for hiring a talented musician instead of a DJ? For more info, jump onto Six8’s website here.