Kick start your music career at AIM this year

A career in the music industry can often seem unachievable. The music industry can appear like an impenetrable world inhabited by a tight-knit group of insiders, but we’re here to reassure you that this isn’t the case. Not only is the music industry open to anyone, but places like AIM are here to show you to the front door.

With courses that cover pretty much every possible facet of the industry, AIM (Australian Institute Of Music) is your ticket to a career in music.

Whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes, AIM (Australian Institute Of Music) have the right course to jump-start your music career.

Having been around for over 50 years, AIM is the country’s largest tertiary music institution. If you’re going to trust the future of your musical career in the hands of anyone, it should be these guys – they know what’s up.

The Australian Institute Of Music offer courses in Composition & Music Production, Audio, Classical Music, Contemporary Music, Music Theatre, Arts Management, and Entertainment Management… so whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes, AIM have the right course to get you heading the right direction.

Check out their full list of programs here, join up, and kick start your career in music.