PREMIERE: The video for Kieran Stevenson’s debut track ‘Need Your Love’ is an ’80s-themed triumph

Blazing forth with his debut single, Kieran Stevenson professes undeniable creative power with a video that captures the best of the ’80s.

Brisbane vocalist Kieran Stevenson knows how to make an entrance. With smoke machines, neon lights, and sharp suits aside, his first song on the scene is a radio-ready anthem. If you’ve ever wondered what the response to Haim’s confessional Want You Back might have been, look no further.

Shimmering with warming synths and sly complexities, you never even see the trajectory of Need Your Love. One minute you’re staring up at the ceiling from your poster-adorned bedroom, the next you’re racing to the prom dance floor. But it’s not all disco balls and teenage angst, the single packs an emotional punch, just like John’s unforgettable fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club.

Photo: Jeff Andersen Jr.

Glowing with both neon lights and a retro spotlighting, the clip for Need Your Love is a time capsule. Oozing an ’80s, primary coloured palette, Stevenson is the poignant focus for the video, narrating a love story of reflective longing, layered harmonies, and bright keys transcend the nostalgia.

The hand clap is an early introduction, but a favourable one. Stevenson manages to navigate away from cheesy connotations with his velvety vocals and the clips cleverly synced cut. Directed and edited by Jake Löfvén, the expertly spliced-together video is a beautifully styled moodboard that slots in somewhere between the drama of Client Liaison and the pop-rock sensibilities of Troye Sivan.


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Perfectly summarised in his bio, Kieran Stevenson’s music is:

“A love letter to his 2000s-centric CD collection and the lush grandeur of 80s pop gems, Kieran Stevenson’s debut single Need Your Love packs a happy-sad punch lyrically, under the cover of glittery production.”

Whether you’re craving a cathartic shimmy or you’re caught in the rain in your best suit, this is the song for any mood.

Expect big things from Kieran Stevenson and in the meantime, enjoy the video for Need Your Love below.