Killer Mike’s ‘MICHAEL’: A Triumph in Hip-Hop

There is an undeniable sense of excitement stirred by Killer Mike’s “MICHAEL,” a testament to his enduring artistry and the transformative power of hip-hop.

Killer Mike, the acclaimed wordsmith and activist, has emerged from an 11-year solo album hiatus with “MICHAEL,” a compelling opus that delves into the intricate tapestry of Southern Black masculinity.

This long-awaited release marks a pivotal moment in Killer Mike’s career, garnering tremendous attention and solidifying his status as an influential figure in the hip-hop landscape.

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In the lead-up to the album’s unveiling, Killer Mike orchestrated an extensive media blitz, leaving an indelible imprint on both traditional and digital platforms.

His presence was felt on popular shows like The Breakfast Club and Sway in the Morning, where he showcased his eloquence and sharp social commentary.

Furthermore, he made waves with his appearances on HBO’s The Shop, captivating audiences with his insightful perspectives and impassioned delivery.

But it didn’t stop there—Killer Mike’s prominence reached new heights as his visage graced multiple billboards in the iconic Times Square, turning heads and creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

The hype surrounding “MICHAEL” intensified when Killer Mike joined forces with the esteemed Zane Lowe to premiere “Scientists & Engineers,” a track that instantly ignited a firestorm of discussion and acclaim.

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Featuring the enigmatic Andre 3000 and the enigmatic Future, this collaboration proved to be an artistic force to be reckoned with. Critics were quick to commend Andre’s timeless brilliance, acknowledging his undeniable impact on the genre.

However, it is crucial to recognize that Killer Mike rose to the occasion, fearlessly delivering bar after bar alongside his former mentor, asserting his artistic growth and mastery.

Under the expert guidance of executive producer No ID and released through Loma Vista Recordings, “MICHAEL” encompasses a star-studded cast of collaborators. Future, Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Curren$y, 6LACK, El-P, Blxst, Eryn Allen Kane, and others grace this album, enriching its sonic tapestry with their distinctive contributions.

Killer Mike’s meticulous attention to detail and genuine introspection are palpable throughout the 14 tracks, as he takes listeners on a profound journey through his personal narrative.

Leading up to the album’s official release, Killer Mike orchestrated a series of intimate listening sessions, providing fans, friends, and industry peers with an exclusive glimpse into the soul of “MICHAEL.” These private gatherings culminated in a monumental hometown event in Atlanta, where Killer Mike’s deep connection to his roots was on full display, inspiring a sense of unity and celebration within The House of Hope Atlanta.

On the live front, Killer Mike astounded audiences with captivating performances alongside his backup singers, The Midnight Revival, at prestigious festivals like SXSW, Shaky Knees Festival, and Bottlerock Festival.

These riveting showcases not only highlighted the album’s vitality but also reaffirmed Killer Mike’s commanding stage presence and ability to captivate a diverse audience.

These riveting showcases not only highlighted the album’s vitality but also reaffirmed Killer Mike’s commanding stage presence and ability to captivate a diverse audience.

“MICHAEL” stands as a testament to Killer Mike’s multifaceted artistry, deftly navigating the intersection of rap, social commentary, and personal introspection. It encapsulates his profound connection to his community and pays homage to the rich Southern rap legacy that has shaped him.

With a collection of thought-provoking singles like “RUN” featuring Young Thug, “TALK’N THAT SHIT!,” “DON’T LET THE DEVIL” featuring EL-P and thankugoodsir, and “MOTHERLESS” featuring Eryn Allen Kane, “MICHAEL” serves as a definitive statement, solidifying Killer Mike’s position as a luminary within the genre.

In conjunction with the album’s release, Killer Mike unveiled a collage of childhood photos featuring the album’s esteemed collaborators, a poignant gesture that reinforces the unity and shared experiences threaded throughout

“MICHAEL.” This evocative collage serves as a visual reminder of Killer Mike’s own roots and serves as an invitation for fans to participate in the celebration. Through a bespoke Instagram filter, fans can apply a similar treatment to their own photos, further immersing themselves in the album’s nostalgic aesthetic.

Killer Mike’s journey leading up to “MICHAEL” has been one marked by growth, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. His notable collaborations, extensive media presence, and carefully curated listening sessions have set the stage for a triumphant return. With this album, Killer Mike encapsulates not only his personal evolution but also represents a testament to the power of Southern hip-hop and its enduring influence on the genre.

In an era marked by shifting paradigms and the amplification of marginalized voices, Killer Mike’s “MICHAEL” emerges as a significant artistic statement.

It effortlessly weaves together personal narratives, introspection, and social commentary, capturing the essence of a talented artist who continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions.

As we bear witness to Killer Mike’s lyrical prowess, his ability to intertwine personal experiences with broader societal themes is undeniable. “MICHAEL” stands as a testament to his enduring impact, cementing his place as a respected figure in hip-hop and beyond.

In conclusion, “MICHAEL” not only marks a significant milestone in Killer Mike’s discography but also represents a profound artistic statement that resonates with listeners. With its intricate storytelling, captivating collaborations, and profound social commentary, the album showcases Killer Mike’s evolution as an artist and solidifies his standing as one of the most influential voices of our time. “MICHAEL” is a testament to the power of music to provoke thought, inspire change, and reaffirm the enduring legacy of Southern hip-hop.


1. DOWN BY LAW ft. CeeLo Green
2. SHED TEARS ft. Mozzy & Lena Byrd Miles
3. RUN ft. Young Thug
4. NRICH ft. 6LACK & Eryn Allen Kane
6. SLUMMER ft. Jagged Edge
7. SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS ft. André 3000, Future, & Eryn Allen Kane
8. TWO DAYS ft. Ty Dolla $ign
9. SPACESHIP VIEWS ft. Curren$y, 2 Chainz & Kaash Paige
10. EXIT 9 ft. Blxst
12. MOTHERLESS ft. Eryn Allen Kane
13. DON’T LET THE DEVIL ft. EL-P & thankugoodsir
14. HIGH & HOLY ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Album out now via Loma Vista Recordings / Virgin Music Australia. Order here.