Kimono Drag Queens descend into cult worship with their eerie new clip Hunters

Sydney psych rock 7-piece Kimono Drag Queens have dropped another single, cementing themselves as no novices to the genre. Hunters explores themes of occultism and is the first taste from their forthcoming debut album Songs Of Worship. To top it off they are heading on a huge East Coast tour.

Having supported Stonefield, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and toured with Narla, it’s safe to say they have carved a name for themselves in the bursting tapestry that is Australian psych rock. If you melted those bands into a cauldron, you would have an elixir highly akin to the sound of Kimono Drag Queens.

Photo: Jack Miranda

Wrap your ears around the driving psychedelic journey that is Kimono Drag Queens’ new clip Hunters. It’s appropriately freaky in all the right ways.

Hunters is an eerie five minutes of expertly layered rhythms and wah-laden guitars that wash under smooth, heady vocals. The unsettling lyrics go hand in hand with the equally unsettling clip, featuring occult strangers joining in schizophrenic worship. Streaks of red flash through the bush, guitars riffs drive on, visions veer in and out.

Despite the elements feeling like some strange poly-drug concoction, it’s a beautiful clip to watch and there is a certain synthesis achieved amidst the chaos.

Kimono Drag Queens had this to say of Hunters:

“Being a seven piece, we thought it would be cool to play off the ‘cult’ vibes for Hunters. We tried to keep it ambiguous and mysterious in a way that would suit the song, but I suppose the story follows a collection of characters that never really interact but are somehow connected.”

Hunters was directed by Claire Salter and frontman Harry Jay Webber, with Liam French as director of photography and editor.

Kimono Drag Queens have given us the first glimpse into one of the most promising psychedelic albums to come out of Sydney in recent times, Songs Of Worship. Catch them on tour in June/July to taste a slice for yourself.

On tour

June 16th – ​Cambridge Hotel – ​Newcastle June 18th – ​Cobra Club – ​Sydney
June 26th – ​The Polo – ​Canberra
June 29th – ​Dicey Rileys – ​Wollongong July 4th – ​The Curtain – ​Melbourne
July 5th – ​Main Sail Bar – M​ornington Peninsula
July 12th – ​The Flying Cock – ​Brisbane
July 13th – ​Byron Bay Brewery – ​Byron Bay
July 14th – ​Vinnies – ​Gold Coast