King Gizzard announce new full-length documentary

Australian prog-rock pioneers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have come out with a massive announcement.

The band will be releasing a new full-length documentary titled Chunky Shrapnel. The film will also precede the release of a live double LP later in April.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have announced the release of a live documentary, Chunky Shrapnel. The film will capture 96 high-octane minutes of a live performance.

King Gizzard are nothing if not ambitious, having famously released 5 albums in a single year in 2017. Similarly, this film will break the mould of the usual band-doco. Rather than run with the tried and tested ‘behind the scenes’ angle, the band and filmmakers have decided to shoot an entire live show, from the perspective of the King Gizzard themselves.

Chunky Shrapnel will attempt to capture the sheer energy and adrenaline of their on-stage performance. To do so, multiple camera angles and editing techniques have largely been abandoned, instead turning a single camera into a mobile vehicle for the audience to experience the show through.

In total, the film clocks in at a generous 96 minutes. However, the length will be completely justified, it has been promised. In a press release, the band said it would “gently hold your hand” at times, only to“smash a bottle over your head and dump your body in a heaving crowd” at others.

Frontman Stu Mackenzie added to this, stating that it feels fitting to release a concert video in the current state of the world.

“Chunky Shrapnel was made for the cinema, but as both concerts and films are currently outlawed, it feels poetic to release a concert-film digitally right now. Get the loudest speakers you’ve got, turn ‘em up and watch Chunky on the biggest telly you can find. Get heaps of snacks and convert your lounge room into a cinema.”

Chunky Shrapnel will live-stream premiere on April 17. The live double-LP will release a week later, on April 24.