Knotfest Australia? Heavy metal legends Slipknot want to bring their destructive festival down under

If you’re into Slipknot, you’ve heard of Knotfest. If you’ve heard of Knotfest and live in Australia, you’ve dreamt of the killer festival coming home.

In the way of festivals, heavy metals fans have been given the short straw. Despite our country’s huge fan base, metal festivals often seem to ignore Australia, or wind up being cancelled indefinitely. However, lately the good news keeps rolling in.

knotfest australia

Masked metal warriors Slipknot have revealed they are keen to bring their demonic festival home, and suddenly Knotfest Australia is on the cards.

Today, Shawn Crahan a.k.a. Clown, Slipknot’s industrial percussionist told Music Feeds the band are “pretty positive” Knotfest’s next move is to Australia.

The band will be touring the country this October, and according to Clown “this trip to Australia will really determine whether we can get something like Knotfest down there.”

If you’ve got a ticket to one of their monster gig, consider it on you to show Slipknot a good time this year. They’ve made it out here plenty of times before, but with the possibility of much bigger things now on their minds, their attention will be focused on just how hard Aussie punters can rock out.

Until further news, catch this video of The Nine performing at Knotfest USA in 2014:

Via Music Feeds

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