Don your denim and jump straight into the 90s with the 5 tracks that influenced Ali Barter’s retro hit Girlie Bits

Melbourne’s Ali Barter is the rock chick the 90’s wishes it had. Her single Girlie Bits is still fresh out, and it’s evocative of all the  retro rock we were all jamming to in the unfashionable but musically amazing naughties.

Any single that’s steeped in such nostalgic style is bound to be stitched together from some stellar influences, so we chatted to Barter about which songs were the driving forces behind Girlie Bits’ inception.

girlie bits

Ali Barter’s Girlie Bits is the credits song to the best 90’s high school film that was never made. We talked to the Melbourne artist to find out exactly where this hit came from.

To prep, grab yourself a listen to the single below. We’ll let Barter herself take the reigns from here.

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Hole – Malibu

Probably one of, if not my favourite song of all time. It’s so lush and evocative. Makes me want to be in Venice Beach. The lyrics are actually terribly sad as well. I think she is singing about Kurt. I just love love love this song. Reminds me of smoking cigarettes out of my bedroom window when I was 16.

Varuca Salt – Seether

The lyrics in this song are so great, I really relate. I appreciate women singing about their anger or dark sides: “Cant fight the seether, I can’t see her ’til I’m foaming at the mouth.”

Liz Phair – Fuck And Run

“I woke up alarmed, I didn’t know where I was except that I woke up in your arms.” Singing about one night stands, wanting a boyfriend but being underwhelmed with the options. Like Malibu, I can listen to this song over and over again. It’s so honest and naturally sung.

Liz Phair is a legend. I wanna hang out with her.

Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk

The melodies in this song are out of control, just so beautiful. I love the guitar tones and the dreamy, verby vocals. I don’t know what this song is about and I don’t care. It’s just sonically perfect.

No Doubt – Sunday Morning

Again, the melodies in this song blow my mind. Every section just takes it to a new level. I love the 90s snare and reggae beat. Gwen Stefani’s backing vocals are so fun. I want to turn it up loud and drive to the beach barefoot in my togs.