Kobo have your Christmas wish list covered with their new Kobo Nia e-reader

Grant the Christmas wishes of all the bookworms in your life with the Kobo Nia, the friendliest and most compact e-reader yet.  

If you’re anything like this writer, you’re currently having a minor freak out as Christmas hotly approaches and your gift basket is looking starkly empty.

You could opt for the familiar and cliché stocking stuffers, like a pair of socks or a nondescript gift voucher, but those options seem destined to go unused, and will likely end up gathering dust at the back of your loved ones’ closets.

Kobo Nia ereader

That’s where Kobo comes in (*insert heavenly Christmas chimes*). This year, the folks at Kobo have your shopping carts covered, allowing you to grant the Christmas wishes of all the bookworms in your life.

For the hottest-ticket item that’ll win you Friend of the Year award, look no further than the Kobo Nia, the friendliest and most compact e-reader yet.

If your TikTok algorithm has been suggesting enough summer beach reads to fill out a library (BookTok is truly endless), then the Kobo Nia is the ultimate fix.

Kobo Nia ereader

This budget-friendly device is the ideal entry for first-time e-readers, and is able to carry up to 6,000 eBooks with its 8GB of storage. 

In real life, that would equate to a mountain of reading, but the Kobo Nia is lightweight, and comes equipped with a range of hi-tech features.

Kobo Nia ereader

Whether you’re enjoying a summertime page turner with its glare-free 6” touchscreen, or cozying up to Lewis Carroll with its adjustable bedtime ComfortLight, the Kobo Nia is a reminder of how reading can be fun. 

What’s more, the device boasts a staggering battery life, with a single charge able to last weeks. Now, with such a dazzling library at your fingertips, you’ll be looking for all the best titles to fill your virtual bookshelf.

Kobo Nia ereader

Thankfully, the Kobo eBookstore is stacked with endless options, and is located right within the Kobo Nia e-reader itself.

So, if you’re currently eyeing down a pair of forgettable pyjamas for your loved ones’ Christmas gift, save yourself the half-hearted “thank you” and opt instead for the Kobo Nia e-reader.

Kobo Nia ereader

Now breathe a sigh of relief; that’s one item easily checked off your gift list. Happy reading! Head here to find out more information or purchase the Kobo Nia e-reader.