KOTA run us through each track of their epic debut EP

We’re almost halfway through 2019 now, and looking back on all the new tunes we’ve heard so far this year, it’s pretty safe to say 2019 has been a pretty good one for music. One of our favourite releases of the year, however, has come from Melbourne outfit KOTA.

Their debut EP Parking In Dark Spaces is an all-out explosion of rock energy. So, fresh off its release, we caught up with the band for a complete run-down of each track.

Melbourne-based trio KOTA give us a complete track-by-track run-down of their epic debut EP Parking In Dark Spaces.


During the recording process, getting this track to sound as big as possible was a definite priority. When we first started jamming Heaving we would describe it as ‘the party starter’ and it’s not hard to figure out why – there’s so much energy in it and that really comes across when we play it live too.

Incidentally, the lyrics themselves are actually about going out partying and the seediness that the nightlife can bring, but there’s also another meaning below the surface about people’s morals and the good and bad in the world.

Hold Them Under

The lyrics to this were built around the first line “if you don’t see this, did it really happen?” The line came from a discussion we were having during a practice session about some of the self-indulgent garbage people post on their social media and how much they would do to get likes, so that’s what the song ended up being about.

At the time we’d been jamming some sounds that we thought sounded a bit post-rock in style, like an Explosions In The Sky-type thing and that vibe definitely resonates on the final recording. Oddly enough, the outro where the words “hold them under” are actually sung was probably the last thing we added to the whole track.

Change the World

Probably one of the sadder themed songs on the EP, Change the World is about reflecting on your own mortality and of those around you, while at the same time seeing the negative things in the world and wanting to change them.

The first half of the song is a bit more low profile and pondering, but when the music becomes heavier the vibe of the vocals becomes a bit more combative to accentuate the frustration that comes with a lack of change. Musically, it’s a pretty simple song but that’s what we were going for.

In The Hunt

Another one that shows off our heavier side, In The Hunt came together rather quickly, although different guitar sounds and effects were explored the more we played it. The song is about getting stuck in a loop and doing the same things over and over again, even if they’re not helping you, like keeping bad relationships, going out and partying too much, or just a having a generally destructive lifestyle.

A fun one to play live, the breakdown before the final chorus is definitely good for headbanging.

Falling To Pieces

This one’s not too hard to dissect from a lyrical perspective – it’s about a relationship coming apart and how that’s the only way those involved can get their lives back on track. The lyrics are definitely on the sadder side, but the music itself is pretty bright sounding so it provides a nice contrast.

More of a ballad than anything else we’ve written, people really seem to enjoy this one live and its good to throw something different out there. We still riff out a bit at the end though because you definitely can’t mellow us out for too long!

Listen to Parking In Dark Spaces above.