YAAK takes us to dizzying sonic heights on his new single Mind

Melbourne based producer and artist YAAK, known to his mates as Jacob Trad, has been working away quietly for a while now, stealthily crafting his new track Mind.

YAAK boasts his nuanced perspective on electronic music with this multi-textual track, graced with the beautiful vocals of jas.

YAAK’s pop sensibility is unique in nature, attempting to break with the genre’s standard formula and present a whole new sound.

Clearly inspired by the polarising electronic figures of the early 2010’s such as Skrillex and newer producers like Flume and What So Not, YAAK explores his own unique style with a song that really makes you want to move.

YAAK’s music tends to take the listeners on a sprawling sonic journey, laden with delightfully satisfying climaxes and introspective channels that work to reflect the trials and tribulations of YAAK as a creator, while the beautiful vocals and lyrics of jas work to question your own experiences.

Matching the ever-frantic, scintillating energy of the city from which he hails, Mind holds a substantial build-up, making a glimmering dance song that’ll soon be filling up clubs around Melbourne.

Skillfully balancing subtle intricacies with sonically wrenching vocals and production, this track is already geared to set all new standards within the Australian electro-pop scene. And while his story is still young, the depths of his sound are unchallenged. Check out the track below!