Kris Bourne delivers clever wordplay and bouncy trap on bombastic new single ‘Flatline’

LA musician Kris Bourne has added to his 700-song catalogue with Flatline, a braggadocious rap cut that forms part of his forthcoming album. 

Kris Bourne has released his new single Flatline, a bouncy trap-rap cut that proves the Los Angeles musician’s chops as a wordsmith.

Carried along by 808 drums and backing piano keys, Flatline sees Bourne fire through bars in impressively quick succession, rapping of pressed suits and private jets. A true sonic flex, the single asserts Bourne’s supremacy as a hip-hop artist, trading barbs with his detractors who he warns should be wearing “bullet proof vests.” 

Kris Bourne single 'Flatline'

Surrounding sound effects like the rev of a motor or the subtle exhale of an unseen vocalist adding a unique texture to Flatline, showcasing a creative flair rarely seen in more traditional rap songs. On the outro, for example, Bourne harmonises gutturally with tribal-like vocal riffs, bringing extra energy to an already break-neck flow.

Perhaps the standout element of Flatline is Bourne’s penmanship and acrobatic delivery, with syllabic bars that perfectly accompany the song’s bouncy rhythm. 

There’s a tendency for rap artists to fall back on familiar tropes of braggadocio, and while Bourne certainly delivers an enviable level of bombast — from mentions of cashing cheques and — he also forefronts more creative and narrative-driven wordplay. In one verse, the rapper flits between double entendres with ease, and puts a clever spin on Finding Dory. 

Equally notable is Flatline’s attention to more pop-leaning elements. From its bite-sized runtime to the absolute earworm of a hook, the single is instantly catchy — a feat especially impressive given the density of Bourne’s lyrics. Flatline is accompanied by an official music video, which follows Bourne as he adorns a royal throne and meanders through a mediaeval castle. Watch that below.          

Flatline is expected to form part of Bourne’s upcoming album Subliminal. The full-length project is currently in the final stages of production, and will add to the musician’s already mammoth list of credits that include 500,000 streams on his platforms and over 700 self-written songs. Listen to Kris Bourne’s new single Flatline below, and head here to find him on Instagram.