Kurt Cobain’s unwashed sweater is going up for auction

Have you ever listened or watched back through Nirvana’s timeless MTV Unplugged session, laid eyes on that iconic green sweater, and thought ‘I wonder what Kurt Cobain smelt like’?

Well, the cute green sweater worn by Nirvana’s infamous frontman during their acoustic show in New York will soon be available for auction — if you’ve got about $400,000 USD to spare…

There remains a few cigarette burn holes, some discoloration around the pockets and a button missing from the sweater which has still not been washed.

The sweater, which has been kept in pristine condition (wrapped some acid-free tissue and locked in a safe), will be returning to Julain’s Auction house in California, known for its record-breaking auctions of film and music memorabilia.

Apparently, not washing the item helps to retain its authenticity and therefore value, meaning that the furry jumper probably still smells just like Kurt like did!

The sweater also comes with a letter of authenticity from Jackie Farrie, the nanny of Frances Bean Cobain and close friend of Courtney Love, who came into possession of the sweater following Cobain’s death.

The minimum offer price prior to the auction date has been set at $200,000 USD, an increase of almost $70,000 since it was last sold. This time, however, the item of clothing is expected notch up around at least the $4k, as news of the item’s reauction has sparked opening offers of $300,000 and above.