L.A talks us through her poptastic debut single SODA

Last week we dropped the first listen to SODA, a downright pop banger from Brisbane solo artist L.A. Debuts are a tricky beast, but Lauren Cuskelly had hers down, and SODA is already lighting up crowds.

To find out a little more about L.A and her first ever hit, we caught up with Lauren.

l.a soda

Wrap yourself around SODA, the debut single from a Brisbane-based pop queen in the making.

HAPPY: Hey there, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

LAUREN: Nothing much but sipping on some SODA

HAPPY: SODA has been out there for a hot minute now. How are you feeling about the reaction?

LAUREN: Super stocked with the reaction. People are hella supportive!!

HAPPY: Mind sharing what the track’s about?

LAUREN: SODA initially started as just me writing another pop tune, but as I begun to deconstruct and refine the lyrics, I realised that the song was about anxiety or reacting to high pressured-situations. The sensation of popping a can of SODA can be compared to that of the physical effects of anxiety – the fizzing, the bubbling, the unstoppable-overflowing foam, the pressure before the crack, the bubbles rising to the top…

SODA becoming a strong metaphor for anxiety, the lyrics tell a story of a girl living a in a world drenched in anxiety and coming to the realisation she can’t escape it. The song follows…

L.A is gonna let you in on a secret – SODA maybe isn’t as sweet as it seems. Through the song. L.A realises this. By the claim “I swear this isn’t me!!” she realises how the SODA has effected her, but maybe she can’t stop drinking.

HAPPY: There’s a big pop influence there, who were a couple of artists you were referencing when writing SODA?

LAUREN: Charli XCX is definitely my biggest pop influence and music inspiration in general. She is really forward in the pop genre. She is a dynamic artist, constantly experimenting with the genre and the pop song structure. Some lyrical influencers are MØ, Lorde, Robyn – they sing really clear, simple lines which can be interpreted a million ways – this is a super cool aspect of pop.

HAPPY: How about any influences or musical heroes we wouldn’t expect?

LAUREN: Bands from 1999. What a vibe.

HAPPY: Do you feel like there’s a decent pop scene around Brisbane right now?

LAUREN: I definitely reckon so. Becoming apart of the music scene recently, I find it super cool to realise the indie pop acts emerging from Brisbane including Mallrat, Cub Sport, Eves Karydas… although my approach to pop I believe could be defined as more commercial, pure pop, I feel the scene is pretty great, accepting and involved!

HAPPY: Have you played SODA live yet? How do you think it goes down with a crowd?

LAUREN: I have played SODA live and it is pretty crazy. Because of the repeated word SODA it becomes super easy to catch onto and a crowd really gets down to that.

HAPPY: Is there anything else coming up for L.A? New music coming soon?

LAUREN: New music always.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!


SODA is out now.