LA Women run us through each track of their debut EP

Last month, when New Zealand outfit LA Women released their debut EP I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors, we were immediately immersed in their slick sounds.

So a month removed from its release, we caught up with the band for a run-down of each incredible track.

A month removed from the release of their debut EP I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors, New Zealand outfit LA Women give us a track by track run-down.

Hurricane Love

I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors starts with the first song we ever released, Hurricane Love; a piano induced ballad that I wrote back in my hometown Masterton when I was 17… and that was literally the track that gave us our ticket out of there. The song is about a high school relationship I had when I was young and naive, living in a small town. It touches on feelings of insecurity and trust and everything you feel in between from an early relationship with somebody.

Call On Me

Call On Me was a song that I also wrote in my bedroom in Masterton. It’s more of a slow burning R&B track inspired by the song I Feel Lonely by Janet Jackson. I originally had the hook floating around for quite a while before I decided to try and finish it. There was something about the way it stuck with me that I couldn’t leave it behind so I had to finish it and there you have it. Lyrically it was more from a relatable point of view of wanting to reassure someone you fancy that you will be there for them in hard times.

Count It Up

Count it up was one of the most fun songs I think I’ve ever written. It came after a bunch of mates went back to the studio late one night after a house party we were at. Two of those friends being the talented Nick from SACHI who features on the second verse, and Montell2099 who produced the track. Out of nowhere Montell pulled up this beat he sampled from The Isley Brothers song Footsteps In The Dark with this tropical lead synth over the top which got everyone in the room crazy excited. We literally wrote that whole song in about 40 mins and already had concepts for the music video.


Conscience was a song also produced by Montell2099. It’s a more hip-hop leaning R&B track with hard hitting 808s that sets it apart from the rest of the songs on the EP. When the instrumental started coming together, I knew I wanted it to be about a feeling of a altered mind state… it just felt right with the wooziness of the sound design. But basically it’s a song reflecting on the use of drugs and alcohol on a night out. The video we released for the song really puts a visual element to what I was trying to create in my head for the song.

All Night – Lights Down Low

This song was also a bit like Call On Me in the sense we had a hook that felt right and just needed to finish it. Once I wrote the lyrics to the first verse I was super stoked on the song again and the lyrics painted a picture for me. “Disco ball in the living room, dim the halls make the kitchen blue” was inspired after we filmed the video for Conscience in my kitchen at my flat. It wasn’t uncommon to see that house lit up like that and soon after that video we got kicked out of the house, so that video will serve as a lasting memory of the antics we pulled there. In terms of the sonics, the production fit perfectly with a soft track with sensual undertones and hook that sticks. Probably my favourite on the EP.

I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors is available now.