DIAMONDS & DEJAVU gets an epic live debut that left its Sydney crowd begging for more

Lara Andallo proves yet again that she is a force to be reckoned with DIAMONDS & DEJAVU debut launch.

Mary’s Underground was lit up on Wednesday by the unrestrained bad-assery of rising star Lara Andallo as she celebrated her prolific EP DIAMONDS & DEJAVU.

With an impressive line up of Sydney’s finest DJs Mowgli May, Ruy Salem, and the incomparable SIALA, the DIAMONDS & DEJAVU event became a showcase of raw talent and a celebration of ambition.

Lara Andallo

Lara held nothing back on the smokey purple-lit stage, boasting vocal chops as indistinguishably finessed as her glittery studio delivery.

With a debut EP drenched in power and prowess, it was particularly exciting to watch the artist reach the same level of intensity, while offering up a performance ready for the grand stage.

One method of achieving this was through the enchanting backup dancers, whose presence not only complemented but also enhanced the sensuality of the music.

They served as a remarkable testament to Lara’s exceptional talents that extend far beyond her musical abilities.

While you don’t often expect to be floored on a Wednesday night, Lara truely brought her all this celebration of her diverse and intoxicating discography.

The DIAMONDS & DEJAVU EP got a release show worthy of its seismic impact, and Lara Andallo curated a night that won’t be easily forgotten.

Lara Andallo

Check out the DIAMONDS & DEJAVU release, and keep an eye out on the next show from Lara Andallo, you won’t want to miss it.