Unveiling Love’s Complexity: Leanne Gallati’s Jazz-Pop ‘Afternoon’

Leanne Gallati unveils a jazz pop exploration of loves complexity in ‘Afternoon’

Discussing her fourth original single within a span of two years, Leanne Gallati, a singer-songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, candidly reveals, “while all of my songs in the past have been a reflection of relationships that have gone wrong, ‘Afternoon’ is my first single that is a true love song.”

She further elaborates that the track explores the experience of falling for someone without succumbing to the apprehensions of potential relationship turbulence—a theme distinct from her prior releases which boasted sultry dance floor funk and lively pop-rock melodies.

leanne gallati

‘Afternoon’ commences with an intimate tone, resembling an earnest heart-to-heart with a close confidant. Gallati’s jazz-inflected vocal style masterfully conveys her mental vulnerabilities.

She opens with, “Honesty is my only policy,” and candidly admits her anxieties about speaking too candidly, being overly exuberant, or veering into her idiosyncrasies. With such unguarded candour from the outset, one might wonder about the trajectory the song will take.

The song, however, delves even deeper into Gallati’s introspection. She queries her imaginary paramour, “What fate awaits these tranquil afternoons?” while acknowledging an underlying fear of risking it all.

The subtle yet engaging interplay between Gallati’s backing trio, comprising Josh Santiago on guitar, Austin Deyo on drums, and Sophie Mulens on bass, infuses the track with an invigorating musicality that navigates the ever-shifting landscapes of the mind.

Incorporating elements of jazz and pop, ‘Afternoon’ rides on a wave of jazz-pop fusion. The instrumental dynamics, punctuated by attention-grabbing fills, coupled with the polished production overseen by Gunnar Nagle at Braund Studios, NYC, propel the track forward.

As one delves further into the lyrics, it becomes apparent that Gallati chronicles a woman’s inclination to transition a casual romantic encounter into a deeper, more meaningful connection.

She reflects on the current state of the relationship, repeatedly urging her partner to stay with her until the morning light. Gallati’s finely honed lyrical dexterity, honed through her tenure with the funk-rock ensemble Cosmonaut Radio, skillfully drives home these thematic nuances.

Cutting through the musical dynamism of ‘Afternoon’ to provide some head-turning moments, Gallati’s soaring vocal abilities mirror the same intoxicating effects as her lover’s affection in the song’s lyrics. A job well done by all.