TBSM delivers a hit of metallic might in new single ‘Clout 9’

TBSM, Meanjin’s evolving heavy music force, balances modern metalcore essence with explosive stage presence.

Continuing to carve a robust trajectory within Brisbane’s dynamic heavy music scene, The Bulman Street Massive (TBSM) has traversed a considerable distance from its origins as a bunch of adolescent jammers from the mid-2000s, now evolving into a professional four-piece outfit.

With an unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of modern metalcore, TBSM beckons fans of classic acts from the 2000s sub-genre era, much like Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and Bring Me The Horizon.

the bulman street massive

In a landscape currently dominated by international acts like Polaris and While She Sleeps, TBSM remains determined to uphold a modern sonic identity.

Aligning with the release of their sixth single in just two years, titled ‘Clout-9,’ TBSM eagerly anticipates their upcoming performances at Faith Nightclub and the Old Bundy Tavern. These shows are bound to showcase the group’s characteristically energetic live presence, accentuated by a potent combination of powerful stage dynamics, synchronized lighting, and an unceasing drive to engage their audience wholeheartedly.

A preliminary listen to ‘Clout-9′ underscores its potential as an explosive addition to TBSM’s refined repertoire. The track commences with a brief, ominous soundscape, setting the stage for a burst of intensity as vocalist Sam Menzies surges atop waves of relentless distortion and aggressive drumming. His guttural roar seamlessly transitions into clean vocals for the song’s chorus.

Throughout the track, drummer Jacob Perren’s thunderous snare-led downbeats, combined with the angular riff craftsmanship of brothers Grant and Mark Misso, punctuate moments of electrifying excitement. Menzies’ remarkably clear articulation takes center stage, as he lyrically addresses a former friend, blending despair and defiance into his words.

“In this world where so much is counterfeit,” Menzies sings, “friendships prove the hardest to endure.” Yet, amidst this bleakness, glimpses of resilience shine through, such as the resolute declaration, “I won’t let my heart cave in.” A headbanging anthem for one’s darkest days, ‘Clout-9’ aptly lives up to the impactful weight of its title.

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