“It sounds like my ADHD:” Jessie Phelps shares candid new blues single ‘Pisces’

Jessie Phelps pays a bluesy homage to the zodiac with her gloriously chaotic new single, Pisces. 

Astrology fanatics will be excited by the release of Pisces, a new single from Jessie Phelps which serves as a sonic horoscope into the artist herself. 

Lifted from Phelps’ debut self-titled EP of the same name, Pisces takes cues from its titular star sign with an imaginative and genre-hopping explosion of bluesy alternative rock

Jessie Phelps new single 'Pisces'

Opening with grimy guitar strums and Phelps’ effortlessly husky vocals, the single coasts on a gritty groove and clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 

“I’ve become the farthest thing from numb,” Phelps sings in between catchy percussion, “I can taste pennies on my tongue.” 

The free-wheeling spirit inherent in Phelps’ songwriting extends to Pisces’ chorus, which amps up the volume and instrumentation for an all-out rock odyssey. 

Mustering the sound of the Matchbox Twenty classic Push, the chorus relents to Phelps’ noisier tendencies, as if unleashing the ebbs and flows inherent of her zodiac in a moment of glorious catharsis. 

Jessie Phelps new single 'Pisces'

Baby I can I love you true,” she belts as electric guitar swells around her, “I’m sorry I’m just being a Pisces.” 

The singer’s reflections on her own character in all its chaotic beauty continue on Pisces’ killer bridge, where Phelps forefronts her rustic delivery for candid confessions like being “lost inside my head.” 

Phelps’ admissions to being emotionally all over the place feel both personal and universal (we’ve all been there), but it’s in pairing that confusion with an equally explosive sound that Pisces reads like a sonic purge. 

It’s why Phelps, who was based in America’s Midwest but has since relocated to London, describes herself as both “reliable and a little bit out there.” 

Jessie Phelps new single 'Pisces'

Anchored by blues but unafraid to criss-cross elsewhere, she says her music “sounds like my ADHD,” a fact which makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. 

Pisces is accompanied by an official music video, complete with psychedelic effects and visuals of Phelps grooving in various locales. 

She is currently at work creating new material, but in the meantime, whip out your astrology charts and look to the stars with Jessie Phelps’ new single Pisces below.