Happy’s Zen Horoscope (13th February – 19th February): It’s Pisces season baby!

Let this dreamy season guide you with intuition, empathy and good old-fashioned feels.

After the proactive and progressive season of Aquarius just passed, you can expect this timeframe to be a bit quieter, and a whole lot more reflective. 

This season invites you to keep moving ahead with your goals and plans in a way that is more emotionally intelligent, poetic, and thoughtful.  You can pretty much give in to your emotions, as long as you use them productively. Let yourself be drawn to what moves you, and let this quieter energy guide you forward. 


Sometimes nothing is what it seems. Be mindful of making any fast decisions this week, only because there may be more information coming. Whether it be actual information from the outside or just clarity within your own heart and mind. Either way, just wait a bit, things are about to become a whole lot clearer. 


Pisces sensitivity may get the better of you this week, and that’s more than okay.  Sometimes you need a good cry, so if you feel it… don’t hold back because crying is the first step in the healing process. And you don’t have to be strong and hold it all in like that. Feel the feels, it’s okay. 


Teamwork is not all it’s cracked up to be and getting everyone on the same page to get a job done well and on time, can certainly have its challenges. This week, do your best to bring everyone back into alignment with the project’s original vision, even if that means negotiating new timeframes, and new schedules. 


There is a big emphasis placed on teamwork this week, and what it means to work for the bigger picture. If you are out of sync with those around you, especially family members, take a moment out and reconnect with the unconditional love you have for them. Honour yourself and the situation, by working out what’s best for everyone. 


A seed just doesn’t become a beautiful flower overnight, no,  it requires great strength, great courage and gives it all it’s got, to push its way past any obstacles or challenges in its path. Strive for the light, and don’t give in to trepidation or uncertainty, know that it’s okay to feel the fear, and to do it anyway.


There is transformative energy to the week ahead, especially when it comes to any unfinished business.  Professionally, you have identified what you must do to achieve the levels of success you are aiming for, so implement the new timetable that you have planned out, and make it a part of your working week for reals. Doing is the operative word.  


Teachers are everywhere, and not just in schools or whatever, but in life, your life, a parent, a grandparent, a friend, your local yoga guru. Take note of yours, and spend time with the people that inspire, inform,  guide and gift you the blessing of knowledge.  And if for any reason an actual real person isn’t available, then go seek one, they are literally all over the internet, my personal fav,  Eckhardt Tolle. 


You have everything that you need to live a comfortable life, so now is as good a time as any to practice a little thing called gratitude. Take a moment out to reflect on, and give thanks for all that you have created. A nice little habit to practice is to close your eyes, and starting with yourself, bless yourself, your family,  friends, neighbours, community, you know the rest…..until you reach the whole world, and give it all a big loving spiritual hug. 


You have a strong, clear, long-term vision of what you want to achieve, and you probably have some time up your sleeve, so know that there’s no need to rush. It’s okay to take the time needed to ensure that you do things to the best of your ability, and given you’re a Scorpio, you have probably set some pretty high standards. Just know, all that’s needed at this time is a balanced and moderate approach, that sits, balanced and moderate.  


Breathe in,  hold it for a second, and breathe out, feel yourself settle into the very centre of your being. Because that’s where you get all of your energy from, kind of like a personal sun. So in this time of creativity, whether you need a little starting inspiration or a little rest in between things, take a moment out here or there to ground yourself, and to help your intention stay clear and true.   


Time to stretch yourself a little, or a lot, depending on what you want to do. Fear of the unknown can bring about a reluctance to step out into new territories, regardless of the huge potential it may hold, fear is fear. Use this week to reconnect with your vision and what it is that you really want to strive for in this lifetime so that you can set some new goals and push yourself out of your comfort zones.


You are a natural-born leader and an entrepreneur in spirit. At this time, if you find yourself comparing yourself to others, stop it pronto, because the only way that you can live up to your potential, is literally by being the best that you can be, in your own way, just by being you. So don’t let yourself get in the way of being the most awesome you that you can be.