Learn how to use a DSLR sans camera with this mind-blowing online tool

Learn how to use a DSLR, sans camera with this mind-blowing interactive tool

Any budding photographers out there frustrated by the plethora of options and controls on their DSLR? Learn your shit right with this amazing interactive DSLR tutorial site.

DSLR cameras are endlessly utile photography tools, if you know how to use them properly. However, a study has shown that two-thirds of non-professional DSLR users employ their cameras as point-and-shoots – that is, they only use full-auto mode, disregarding the myriad of controls and options at hand, most likely because they appear too complicated.

Simon Roberts is attempting the rectify this.


Roberts is a designer and animator from London, and he has created an absolutely incredible tool for budding photographers to help them understand the controls that DSLR cameras possess and how they interact with the shooting environment.

It’s an interactive website called Photography Mapped that shows set of graphics consisting of a red-and-blue camera and some toggles.

Photography Mapped basically a virtual DSLR camera, with controls for aperture, ISO, shutter speed and light source, so you can practice shooting in different environments and learn how each control will affect the outcome of the shot without actually using a camera.

There’s also a helpful infographic which explains what exactly each control does and how a DLSR camera works.


Head here to see the zoom-able version.

While there are a million how-to guides on YouTube and articles on these topics, nothing comes close the hands-on experience that this site offers – aside from using an actual camera.