James McCartney and Sean Ono Lennon have come together to drop the track, ‘Primrose Hill’

The names Lennon-McCartney side by side again? Who would’ve thought? Sean Ono Lennon & James McCartney release ‘Primrose Hill’

The Lennon-McCartney legacy lives on, Sean Ono Lennon and James McCartney have teamed up to release a heartfelt tune titled ‘Primrose Hill,’ inspired by their mutual affection for the iconic London landmark.

Both Sean and James, following in the footsteps of their legendary fathers, have made names for themselves in the music industry.

Sean, at 48, has explored various musical avenues, from bands like Cibo Matto to film scoring. Meanwhile, James, aged 46, has pursued a solo career alongside contributing to his father’s projects.

Their collaboration on ‘Primrose Hill’ marks a significant moment in their musical journeys.

Released in April 2024, the song resonates with acoustic warmth, painting a vivid picture of the fond memories tied to the scenic location.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the prospect of a Lennon-McCartney reunion, even if it’s the next generation taking the stage.

Some couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the iconic partnership of their fathers, who famously shaped the Beatles’ sound.

James McCartney has invited couples to share videos capturing moments of love and romance at their favourite spots. The deadline for submissions (head here) is April 19, with the chance to feature in the official video for ‘Primrose Hill.’

Beyond its melodic beauty, ‘Primrose Hill’ speaks volumes about the profound connection shared by Sean and James.

It’s a testament to the timeless power of music and the bonds it can create, bridging generations and legacies in its wake.

Listen here.