Grab a roadie and walk home woozy in Leroy Francis’ new clip Intoxicated Dreams

Leroy Francis is continuing to impress with his most recent single and video Intoxicated Dreams. Trekking down from the Central Coast to Sydney in order to forge his way as a musician, Francis is the real deal.

In between shifts at seedy dive bars he’s busted his chops in the band Cabins, released a string of killer videos, and spent many sleepless nights conjuring up his own unique sound. He’s a worker, and it’s paying off with his latest.

leroy francis intoxicated dreams

Leroy Francis’ Intoxicated Dreams is a memory of last week’s drunken waltz home, of slow dancing through the streets, trying to ignore the crushing reality of tomorrow morning’s alarm.

The accompanying video is as hazy and foggy as the song itself. Filmed in Tokyo, the clip captures intoxication near perfectly as Leroy dances around in public, while double vision and strange faces manifest themselves as a fragmented showreel of his night out.

This single has cracked that secret formula to nostalgia, the formula that no one can quite explain or replicate. It’s the fuzzy guitars and the reverb that make you think of your parents driving down a highway with the top down in the ’80s – even if that never happenned.

Maybe it’s the tape warbling, the drum machine or the crooning. But whatever it is, I’ll be hitting repeat on this one.

Intoxicated Dreams is out now.