Let's rejoice: Punk Crocs are finally a thing

Rejoice! Punk Crocs are finally a thing

Crocs have been on a surprising come up since they were worn on the runway at a Balenciaga fashion show in 2017. Like it or not, the brand are building an empire, partnering with the likes of streetwear brand Pleasures, as well as Post Malone and Drew Barrymore. Now, they’re taking on the goth scene, with a black Croc clad in silver chains and spikes. They’re incredible.

Gone are the days when Crocs were worn exclusively by toddlers, gardeners, and vacationing dads. Expect to see them at your next punk gig, with terrifying spikes replacing Disney-themed Jibbitz (Jibbitz are the little plastic stamps that go in the holes. I hate that I already knew that).


A simple black foam adorned in spikes, chains, and a particularly aggressive spike on the front, Punk Crocs are the latest footwear to break into the goth scene.

The mastermind behind the Punk creations is Instagram user @gargage_b0y , and you best believe he’s been selling these baddies on Etsy for $260 a pop. They’re probably worth the price point too: the shoes haven’t looked this good since ‘Wedding Crocs’ or ‘Crugs’.

Naturally they have lent themselves to some golden memes. Here are a few of our favourites.