Levitation Room unveils “Scene for an Exit” pure psych funk gold

Levitation Room resurfaces with their latest sonic masterpiece, “Scene for an Exit”

After a three-year break, Los Angeles’ psych rock veterans, Levitation Room has returned with a refreshed take on their distinctive sound.

Merging psych rock with the irresistible groove of funk, “Scene for an Exit” delivers a sonic journey that quite simply defies any preconceived expectations.

Beyond being a mere song, “Scene for an Exit” is a poignant exploration of the intricate terrain of relationships coming to an end. But this isn’t a sad sack song, far from it. Levitation Room brings the grit, with some serious fuzzed-out electric guitar. The result is a perfect balance that echoes their laid-back origins while simultaneously stepping into new musical territory.

Accompanying the single is a visually captivating video directed by Alfredo Lopez. Unfolding with a voicemail breakup, the narrative follows the protagonist as he navigates life after the fact. From impulsive actions to indulging in vices, the video holds all of the brutal feels one experiences after being dumped.

Hailing from East Los Angeles, Levitation Room has maintained a strong presence in the world of psychedelic rock for almost ten years. Led by lead vocalist and guitarist Julian Porte, along with founding members Gabriel Fernandez on lead guitar and Johnathan Martin on percussion, the band’s dreamy and otherworldly musical landscapes have struck a chord with a devoted audience of like-minded enthusiasts of unconventional rock sounds.

Fans keen for a show, don’t have to wait long. The band is gearing up for a performance at Chicago’s Thalia Hall Block Party on August 26, followed by a show at The Empty Bottle on August 27.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and pushes the frontiers of rock music, immerse yourself in “Scene for an Exit” and prepare to be transported to Levitation Room’s cosmic dimension. It’s a musical voyage that’s not to be missed.