Nostalgia and Psychedelic Swagger: meet Venus Loves Mars

Dive into the cinematic track-by-track for the upcoming EP ‘VLM4EVER’

Venus Loves Mars‘ EP, ‘VLM4EVER’, is a tantalising concoction of vintage soul, retro beats, and unfiltered garage fuzz rock.

Mac and B McAnally, the dynamic duo behind this Austin native treasure, have masterfully woven three decades of friendship, camaraderie, and marriage into a harmonious tapestry of sound.

venus loves mars

Beto Martinez, a Grammy award winner with an uncanny knack for storytelling through music, steps into the spotlight as the collaborative maestro behind the EP’s production.

A delicate dance between raw, stripped-down aesthetics and cinematic splendour unfolds, showcased brilliantly in tracks like ‘Palace at 4AM’, where Latin-psych vibes intertwine with Liza Minnelli-esque cabaret charm, leaving us in awe of the narrative woven within each note.

‘VLM4EVER’ embraces a kaleidoscope of emotions, from the road trip romances of ‘Besame El Culo’, echoing with cinematic echoes of Tarantino and Rodriguez, to the soul-stirring duet of ‘Nine Miles Wide’, which time-travels through nostalgia-drenched psych-rock.

The EP culminates in the explosive finale of ‘Hey Alabama’, an audacious clash of musical duality where Mac and B’s vocal interplay leads us through an unrelenting sonic brawl.

In an era dominated by fleeting trends, Venus Loves Mars stands as a beacon of authenticity, guiding us through a journey that celebrates love, contrasts, and unapologetic musical craftsmanship.

With ‘VLM4EVER’, they beckon us to savour each track, inviting us to join their musical odyssey. The EP’s release on July 28, 2023, will undoubtedly mark a milestone in modern music, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

So let’s have a look at VLM4EVER, track by track.

Any Fool can be Happy’ opens the album strutting onto the stage blissfully unaware of the lucky groove and magical melody they found together.  The tune seems equally oblivious to the pressures of current musical trends towards synthetic, pitch corrected, ultra cool pop.

Is it Time? asks and answers the big questions with a resounding, “Yes”- while the track shifts seamlessly between dreamy,  pop vocal harmonies, break-beat chants, a gritty blues bridge and psychedelic “shoo dee wop” swagger.

Is it Time?’ was released on all streaming platforms in April and was immediately named the KUTX 98.9 FM ‘Song of the Day‘.

The pair recount the band’s origin story in an insistent and bouncing rocker. ‘The Score’ – gallops and kicks under the reins of twin lead singers.

‘The Score’ is the one song on the album recorded and mixed at The Bubble by longtime friend and veteran engineer and producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith.

Beto Martinez baritone guitar riffs on ‘Palace at 4AM’ pairs Latin psychedelic 007 vibes with an exotic Liza Minnelli cabaret-inspired Polynesian dive bar in the Badlands, ending with a final chase scene and surprise attack set in the dark deserts of Marfa, Texas.

Inspired by Tarantino & Rodriguez films, “Bésame el Culo”, continues the pair’s cinematic road trip “halfway to Mexico” – telling tall tales of tour stops inhabited by hipster wannabes and one eyed doormen.

Between the drama of the hot desert air and the irony of their dark sense of humour, a latin surf rock romance emerges.

The first time you got the blues, it felt ‘Nine Miles Wide’, and now hits with heavy grade school nostalgia. This track ranges from a soul-stirring duet to fuzz-drenched psych-rock while revisiting the childhood loss when a best friend’s family moves out of town.  

The album’s closing track ‘Hey Alabama’ puts the full duality of Venus Loves Mars on display. In part one, an old vinyl record crackles under a slinky blues lick and relentless kick drum pulse.

B’s taunting chant and barking vocals set the tone for the blown-out chunky riffs and bombastic drum fills, which eventually drop like a ton of bricks.

In part two, Mac takes over the lead vocals and the song shifts tempo into high gear, taking the fight into the street for a dirty gut bucket brawl to the end.

Grab yourself a copy on Bandcamp, and keep your eyes peeled on streaming services for the EP! 

VLM4EVER will soon be crafted onto CDs within the next few weeks. It will then be pressed onto deep purple vinyl at Gold Rush Vinyl, located in Austin, Texas. The release is scheduled for September 1st on Spotify.