LEXXA share a playlist of LGBTQIA+ artists doing big things

This past Valentines Day, Auckland-based sister duo LEXXA shared their latest single Slow Fade Out, and with its release, they immediately became one of our favourite artists currently making the rounds.

So fresh off the track’s release, we asked LEXXA to share a playlist of artists they’re loving at the moment. Take it away LEXXA…

Fresh off the release of their latest single Slow Fade Out, Auckland-based sibling duo LEXXA share a playlist of LGBTQIA+ artists who are absolutely killing it right now.

Openside – Character Flaws

Openside’s Character Flaws is the best kind of Emo Pop. It’s upbeat music and catchy pop melodies contrast perfectly with super relatable emo lyrics “Why would you listen to me?/Nothing’s gonna be alright.” Feels like someone finally understands you. We love Openside so much, lead singer Possum identifies as gender non-binary and is a huge advocate for the rainbow community. Having them share their experience through music helps so many young people who feel the same.

Tegan and Sara – White Knuckles

Tegan and Sara’s pop album is the beeeest. We love pop so much and for it to come from Tegan and Sara is like a dream come true. They have been out since probably before we were born and seeing such badass ladies being so authentically themselves is sick. Also, they are twins too which is an extra bonus.

Muna – I know a Place

I know a Place is an anthem for the LGBTQIA+ community letting them know there are still safe places for them despite the oppression and hatred that still exists in the world. We love Munas alt-pop vibe and catchy as hell melodies.

Shura – Touch

Shura has always been a number 1 inspiration for us with her perfect mix of 80s inspired synths and dreamy guitars. Maude discovered this song when a GIF of the music video was circulating and immediately looked it up because it was beautiful and has lots of people kissing. The song just sparked a fire in our heads and that lead us to the music we make today.

Abby Wolfe – Win You Over

This song is just so relatable talking about having a crush and how scary and silly it can be. And the music video is so cute and heartwarming.

The Aces – Just Like That

You know when you hear a song and you’re like “This song was written about me how did they know about my life?!” this is one of those songs. Just Like That really hits you right in the heart. We love The Aces’ 80s-inspired guitar pop and their lyrics capture feelings so well.

King Princess – Talia

King Princess brings a really new perspective to pop. There’s such a shift in the world at the moment and even though she’s only 19 she’s not afraid to talk politics and about being queer. She is really confident and smart about it. Her live show was amazing, when she came on stage all the girls screamed, she’s a total heartthrob and knows it. Her confidence is totally inspiring. And her songs are amazing.

Harry Styles – Meet Me In The Hallway

We feel like Harry Styles is so under appreciated by a lot of people because of his boy band roots but the messages he sends to his young fans are so important. He’s a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. He released like a dad-rock album after being the biggest pop star in the world, honestly so obsessed.

Ladyhawke – A Love Song

Loooooove those synths and drum machines so much. Ladyhawke has been a really big inspiration for a long time with her being a successful cool indie New Zealand artist. Maude basically just wanted to be her when I was a teenager.

Randa – Fashion

Randa is one of kind, just love’s making cool art, writes real cool raps and is just insanely talented.

Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless

Courtney Barnett is one of our favorite human’s in the world, we just think she’s so freaking cool. Her song’s are so specific but somehow so relatable. Courtney’s visual lyrics and clangy guitars always fit together so nicely. Her style is awesome and her shy awkwardness makes us feel better about our own shy awkwardness.

Dodie – 6/10

All Dodies lyrics are so personal and about the struggles she has. This song in particular is about not being good enough. All her lyrics make you feel less alone in the world and the way she interacts with her audience through youtube makes you feel like you have someone who understands you when no one else in your life does.

Christine and the Queens – Girlfriend

This song has some sick 80’s beats. It’s also cool to see someone blurring the lines of traditional gender roles and just being themselves.

G Flip – Drink Too Much

G Flip is just cool. She is a recent discovery for us but she is super open and confident about her sexuality and it’s cool to see other people out and proud. She also started as a drummer and there are so few non-male drummers so that’s pretty sick. Julia likes to play the drums so seeing someone the same age as us who has been doing it for so long is rad.

Slow Fade Out is available now. Listen here.