PREMIERE: LEXXA deliver the perfect anti-love song in Slow Fade Out

New Zealand-based sisters Maude and Julia Morris, better know as LEXXA, have, perhaps accidentally, penned the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day hit.

The duo’s sophomore single, Slow Fade Out details the exhausting nuances of millennial dating; its trials and tribulations, its sudden whirlwinds, its emotional ups and downs.

Sister duo LEXXA has crafted the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day anthem in Slow Fade Out, their sophomore single detailing the trials and tribulations of modern-day dating.

Jaded by the insalubrity of the dating scene, sister duo LEXXA have turned their anger into music. The pair have somehow turned their millennial rage into beautifully crafted dream-pop that’s thematically both universal and idiosyncratic.

With an expansive synth arrangement that honours the sounds of the ’80s, and lyrics that expose the blurred lines of miscommunication and the non-linear emotional rollercoaster that follows the breakup of a relationship, LEXXA has accidentally stumbled upon an anti-dating anthem. Stream it via YouTube below.

Slow Fade Out was the result of the combined songwriting forces of the Morris twins and Chelsea Jade, Jess B and Nakita at a recent APRA AMCOS SongHubs workshop. The track was produced by Maude at Bigpop and 509 Studios, with additional production and mixing by Justyn Pilbrow. slow fade out was then sent to Howard Rogers at Bring It On Studios for mastering.

Lucky fans of LEXXA can catch the duo playing at Auckland’s Milk and Honey Festival in celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8. For more information on the event, head to the Facebook event page.