Own it, grow it, use it: ACT prepares for legal weed by Christmas

Just when you thought Christmas lunch couldn’t get better, by this year you may be able to legally smoke a doob before chowing down. Well, in the ACT at least, where a bill for the legal use of cannabis is being discussed.

The bill introduced by Labor MLA Michael Pettersson proposes the personal use and cultivation of cannabis. Under the proposed bill, it would be legal for an individual to own up to four “naturally cultivated” cannabis plants and have up to 50 grams of weed for personal use.

The ACT is one step closer to legalising the possession and cultivation of cannabis for medical and personal use, so Spilt Milk fest just got way more lit.

With the in-principle support of both the Labor and Greens parties, the bill currently would have the voting majority within the ACT’s legislative assembly. However, while both parties agree with legalisation, there are a few precautions they want to add in.

With the legalisation of personal cultivation, the current bill states that the plants can only be grown through the use of “natural cultivation”, ruling out the legality of using a hydroponic system. The Greens are proposing to remove this from the bill as “almost all the cannabis consumed in the ACT is cultivated artificially and growing through more ‘natural’ means is not viable for a significant portion of the year in the ACT’s climate”.

They are also looking to increase the amount of weed allowed on a person. The current bill allows 50 grams, however the Greens would like to see that raised so that people using cannabis products for medicinal use can be in possession of more, as 50 grams may not be enough for their purpose.

Currently it’s looking like this discussion will be settled around the middle of the year, with the potential for action by Christmas this year. Regardless, it’s one of those topics that will take plenty of discussion within parliament, but at least it’s happening.

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