APRA’s SongHub Sphere is tackling gender inequality in the music industry

Today (August 10th) wraps up the first ever SongHubs Sphere; a New Zealand all female event held by APRA AMCOS.

The week long program – curated by Chelsea Jade – has brought together incredible women from all over the globe to compose, engineer, produce, and perform one collaborative song per day.

A step towards levelling the playing field“: APRA AMCOS’ SongHub Sphere has brought together some of New Zealand’s best songwriters for a week-long collaborative project.

SongHub Sphere has seen four international writers and producers team up with fifteen New Zealand songwriters.

While New Zealand has always led the charge for women’s rights in various areas, the country’s music industry (just like Australia’s and the rest of the world’s) still struggles with persistent gender imbalance.

Only 21.9% of APRA AMCOS’s members (songwriters and composers) identify as female. Less than 4% of our producers and sound engineers identify as female. Less than 10% of acts programmed in NZ music fesitvals identify as female. Yet our female artists punch repeatedly above their weight,” the company say.

The lineup of NZ songwriters includes Fazerdaze’s Amelia Murray, Abigail Knudson (MISSY), Caitlin McGregor (Handsome), and a whole heap of others.

“SongHubs Sphere is a step towards levelling the playing field, so that everyone can see themselves reflected in our musical community, feel safe and welcome, and take their rightful place within it.”

Via The Industry Observer.