Liam Johnston’s Abyssal Dreams is a captivating and heartfelt journey of letting go

Twenty-two-year-old Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Liam Johnston is positioning himself as one to watch as he continuously writes warm-hearted lyrics that are simultaneously forlorn and spirited, paired with smooth vocals and catchy melodies.

Hot on the heels of the release of his first two singles, Amethyst and Alone, comes his third single Abyssal Dreams; a dreamy tune that takes you on the journey of emotions after a break-up, from sorrow to comprehension.

Liam Johnston’s new track Abyssal Dreams is a catchy and heartfelt alternative folk track that paints a vivid picture of the many emotions of heartbreak and letting go.

Liam Johnston describes his songs as “music for lovers and over-thinkers”, heartfelt stories that illustrate the journey of emotions he has felt throughout moments of heartbreak, addiction and finding himself. His sound could be likened to a combination of Daughter and Ben Howard.

A self-proclaimed “lost kid singing sad songs”, Johnston takes you on“a journey through the understanding of a lost relationship” in his new single Abyssal Dreams, painting a beautiful picture of both the heartache and hopefulness felt down the road of heartbreak.

The beginning of the track is captivatingly restrained yet rich, while Johnston’s smooth vocals balance effortlessly with the melodic guitar riff, reminiscent of Daughter’s YouthThe poignant atmosphere this provokes perfectly reflects the lyrics which reminisce on the lows of heartbreak “the ghost of you is haunting me.”

As Johnston sings “you don’t need me now, you don’t need me now” the mood changes from melancholy to understanding, and the percussion builds into a slow crescendo as the upbeat chorus evokes a sense of hopefulness and optimism with the lyrics “all that I can do is hope you still feel it too”.

Johnston will be performing at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in Brisbane in celebration of the single’s release this Thursday the 4th of July.