Life feeling a little too normal for you? Time to check out Animal Collective’s new track Kinda Bonkers

Animal Collective have gifted us with the wackiest Valentines present anyone could wish for: Kinda Bonkers.

The band have always been like musical scientists, experimenting with sound to produce new world views and expanding our knowledge of what is real. Their newest track, Kinda Bonkers, is no exception.

animal collective kinda bonkers

Yesterday Animal Collective announced they will be releasing a 4-track EP this Friday titled The Painters.

For those who loved the band’s earlier work, you’ll be rejoicing once you hear this new tune.

Reminiscent of the Strawberry Jam sound, the song champions meditative beats, wacky samples and liquid smooth vocals that will make your face hurt from smiling so hard.

The trippy lyric video to Kinda Bonkers will add to your transcendental state. It wouldn’t be an AC song without making you feel quite literally bonkers.

The Painters EP is being released a year after their 2016 album Painting With, and contains four tracks that didn’t make it to the album. Those include Peacemaker, Goalkeeper and a cover of Martha & the Vandellas track Jimmy Mack.

If life is getting a little too normal for you, wrap your ears around Kinda Bonkers below, and check out The Painters when it drops this Friday.

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