Lime Cordiale get a little bit political on their new single ‘Addicted To The Sunshine’

Lime Cordiale recently released their new song Addicted to the Sunshine and an accompanying video clip. But the deceivingly summery, laid-back tune has a deeper meaning, as the boys also take on a political undertone in this new release.

Lime Cordiale get political with their new song and video clip release, taking a look into the issue of climate change.

Known for their sweet and breezy vibes, the pop rock duo have made a statement with the release of their new song and video clip which directly examine climate change and the impact it is having on the environment.

Like in their other clips, the brothers have joined forces once again with video director Jack Shepherd to play the character of two scientists who land in Australia. The two ‘scientists’ are left bewildered by the other characters in the clip who dance in the heat of the sun and toss their rubbish out of a car; seemingly oblivious to the how their actions affect the degrading environment around them.

Paired with lyrics, “We’re addicted to the sunshine, that’s true. With those green and fertile views. Undisturbed by what we do.” The underlying message of the new track is clear.

With the debut of the new song, the brothers have also spoken about their motivations behind the track:

“It’s heating the planet and we’re cooking. This song is about getting up off our towels and changing bad habits. We need to consume less, offset our shitty actions and respect the sunshine and environment that we love.”

Check out the song and video below: