Listen to 12 minutes of newly discovered Slipknot demos from 1995

A 12-minute recording of original Slipknot demos from has surfaced online, just months after the band announced plans to release their 2008 All Hope Is Gone outtakes. The demos were recorded before the band’s 1996 release of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat, featuring former vocalist Anders Colsefni.

The video was originally uploaded to Youtube on Wednesday (Jan 29) and featured tracks such as Fur, Some Feel, Tattered and Torn, and Part of Me.

Slipknot demo leak

Just months after fans were promised new music and an All Hope Is Gone outtakes album, a playlist of Slipknot demos from 1995 has been leaked online.

The nostalgic demos give a throwback to the band’s early days, containing some of the few tracks sung by Colsefni before frontman Corey Taylor took over in 1997. The band promised fans new music last year along with the upcoming outtakes album, to be called Look Outside Your Window. 

“This is the original demo which was given by Paul [Gray] to a close friend,” the video caption stated. “After owning the demo for 20+ years, that friend sold the demo in 2018. Without Paul’s friend, aka Jubil Lee, chances are this demo would have never seen the light of day.”

The video has since been taken down from Youtube, but has been re-uploaded by fans onto DailyMotion.

You can check the tracks out below: