Literal Fuck – #GIVEINTOME

Literal Fuck is the new collaborative project between Dear Time’s Waste‘s Claire Duncan and Auckland videographer Veronica Crockford-Pound. After endless nights belting out some sweet MJ tunes and having shitloads of fun, this dynamite duo have strung together an epic psybient twist explosion in their tribute to the King of Pop.

Literal Fuck

This Michael Jackson cover band, if you will, have recently provided us with some fresh listening in their version of Give In To Me. The original peaked at number one in New Zealand for four consecutive weeks, and featured Slash on guitar. The re-working blends elements of pop with pleasurable synths, paying respect to its original form and melodic infrastructure. The use of laying techniques by Literal Fuck offers elements of a slow rhythmic base and ambience filtered and reworked, to achieve a particular psychedelic sound.

After recently performing in the Thunder-Dome at New Zealand’s Laneway Festival, fingers crossed that Literal Fuck are keen to bring their fresh take on the MJ spirit across shores.