Little Aztec EP Launch

Remember that Arctic Monkeys cover band you were in four years ago? Remember how sweaty your drummer got playing Pretty Visitors? Remember how neither you nor the other guitarist in the band could figure out how to play that lead bit in… well… all the songs? Remember being so close to nailing Cornerstone? Remember how you’ll never, ever forget how to play the intro to My Propeller? Remember how bad you wanted to play that album all the way through at a show and wondering if anyone noticed?

No? Yeah me neither. *Cough*.

little aztec

Brizzy band Little Aztec aren’t strictly an Arctic Monkeys cover band, but they do a damn fine rendition of R U Mine? Tomorrow night, they’ll be headlining Trainspotters and launching their debut EP, performing a mix of originals and some pretty relevant covers. Unfortunately, I think one of them is Royals. The Alex Turner influences are still all there though, check out the way he says ‘fuckin’ wanker’, the smooth as shit bass groove and the seriously Matt Helders drumrolls on their single Cheap Guitars.

In support are The Trotskies, an indie five piece who have been tearing up support slots down in Melbourne for as long as I can remember. You can tell their roots stem from post-punk, but their tunes don’t fall far from the branches of the indie tree. Did that sentence seem particularly horticultural to anyone else? I think it’s time for a lunch break here.

Entry to the Grand Central Hotel is free and Trainspotters kicks off at 9pm.