Little Boy, The Group and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

On the list for this weekend: the sprawling memoir of a true survivor from the Beat Generation in Little Boy and a new graphic blockbuster in Dead Body Road: Bad Blood.

Lara Feigel’s The Group is a finely detailed portrait of contemporary life and female friendship, American Surfaces takes readers on a photographic tour of the States in the 1970s and the memories of deep passion are explored in This Happy. Let’s check out the selection. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Little Boy, Dead Body Road: Bad Blood, The Group, American Surfaces and This Happy are among the finest new books for a weekend of reading.

Little Boy by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Poet, activist and one of the last surviving members of the Beat Generation, Lawrence Ferlinghetti pores over the details of his 101-year existence. Already garnering praise from the likes of Bob Dylan, it’s an extraordinary window into a highly influential period in culture from a writer and poet who has literally seen it all. Via Faber & Faber.Little Boy

Dead Body Road: Bad Blood by Justin Jordan, Benjamin Tiesma and Mat Lopes

The exhilarating Dead Body Road comic book series returns. When a contract is put on the head of her brother, Bree Hale will stop at nothing to protect him in this explosive opening to the new series. See more at Image Comics.Dead Body Road

The Group by Lara Feigel

The Group is Feigel’s debut and explores the lives of a group of female friends who are approaching forty. Notions of fulfilment are examined in this funny and poignant contemporary tale of friendship. Visit Hachette for more. The Group

American Surfaces by Stephen Shore

In this revised and expanded volume, this photographic classic reveals an intimate portrait of America in the early ’70s, with arresting images that transform the banal into beautiful. More details at Phaidon.American Surfaces

This Happy by Niamh Campbell

Campbell’s book traces the story of a love affair, it’s ending and the memories that passion can leave in its wake. A meditation on remembering which has moments of comedy, tempered with truths that cut close to the bone. Via HachetteThis Happy