Little Death reveal their blistering take on 90s alternative rock

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It’s pretty easy these days to get caught up in genres, sub genres, post-genres and everything in between, but at the end of the day if you dig the sound you’re hearing then there’s really no need to label it. Little Death, coming at you from the depths of the budding Perth music scene, emanate that exact vibe; a sound pieced together by some fairly obvious influences such as Silverchair, Placebo, Radiohead and Nirvana, and a sound that’s a little hard and somewhat unnecessary to categorise. But, for those who absolutely must stick a label on the sound, Little Death are a self-proclaimed alternative/post-grunge band.

Little Death

Little Death are another band to add to the burgeoning list of powerful bands coming out of Perth with their blistering take on 90s alternative rock.

After finding the motions of gigging and fighting for some artistic self-belief a little monotonous, vocalist Ryan Carson left his local, fairly successful projects behind to embark on the confronting journey of being a ‘normal human’. Thankfully he found love, went back to writing and realised that being a normal person wasn’t all it was (probably never) made out to be. Consequently, he came crawling (running) back to music, and now he quite literally can’t stop writing. In a bid to completely own the creative process of writing and producing his own music, Carson pooled his talents together for his next true challenge and wrote all parts for each instrument in the songs; a pretty incredible and completely admirable feat.

Taking a chance on love (music), Carson sent his demo tapes to UK-based producer extraordinaire Dimitri Tikiovoi (Placebo, The Horrors) and soon found himself in London working directly with Tikiovoi and the likes of Andrew Hughes (Florce and the Machine) to make his dreams a glowing reality.

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Finding themselves on the same page musically and in a complete understanding and appreciation of direction and sound, Tikiovoi – who hasn’t worked on a rock album since working with Placebo – and Carson embarked on a process that would flow as naturally as Daniel Johns fingers caressing a fretboard.

Released just a few weeks ago, Valleys is the debut track from Little Death and, speaking of Daniel Johns, influences such as Silverchair and Placebo really don’t fall too far away from the sound of the track. With some fairly real lyrics, some pretty great timing changes and the kind of build you hear from established artists working on their second album, Valleys is most definitely a track that will captivate you. And, like me, you’ll probably find yourself jumping on board to follow the journey that is Little Death taking over the alternative/post-grunge/post-Silverchair-rock/whatevertheheckyouwantittobe section of Australian music.