Cold puddles, warm neon: Local Preacher shoots the psychedelic waters beneath your feet

Russian artist and photographer Local Preacher (real name Slava Semeniuta) recently found himself a new source of inspiration; the puddles underneath your feet. Moreover, the abstract reflections puddles seem to glean from neon signs and shopfronts.

We’ve covered the spectacularity of this lighting before, in cities such as Tokyo or Hong Kong famed for their neon alleyways. Yet Semeniuta calls Sochi, Russia home, a city known firstly for its ski resorts and holiday populations.

Local Preacher Slava Semeniuta neon puddles photography
All photos: Local Preacher / Slava Semeniuta

Bask in the warm neon glow of cold Russian puddles with Slava Semeniuta, a photographer operating under the name Local Preacher.

The puddles take new form under the technicolour light structures, making their intricacies much more apparent. Reflections warp the neon, making the signs indistinguishable as anything beyond glowing colour.

See the rest of the collection below, and be sure to check out Local Preacher on Instagram and Behance.


Via Colossal.