Lock it in: The Last of Us Part II to be released in June

The Last of Us Part II, the survival horror epic that was slated for release on PS4 in February, is now going to be released on June 19, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment chief, Hermen Hulst.

It’s been a rocky ride for this Naughty Dog title, with the announcement that it was set to be delayed indefinitely—due to logistical pressures stemming from coronavirus—coming not that long ago.The Last of Us Part II

Finally, a date. Despite the coronavirus throwing distribution into chaos, the survival horror epic The Last of Us Part II is set to drop in June.

Aside from the COVID-19 crisis affecting the release timeline, this highly anticipated title was also sideswiped by the leaking of pre-release footage of the development.

In the same announcement, Hulst also told us that the sweeping, open-world adventure from Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima, will be following shortly afterwards. It was originally set for a June release but has been pushed back a few weeks to July 17.

In this samurai story set in Medieval Japan, you are the last surviving warrior and you’re charged with defending the island of Tsushima from the invading forces of the Mongol Empire.

To read the full statement on these imminent releases, visit the SIE blog.