Lockdown: Victoria to open cinemas, NSW to scrap pub capacity limits

Another day, another lockdown restriction goes away. In the latest instalment, Victoria and NSW are set to lift measures on the entertainment industry and pubs, bringing us one step closer to normality.

From July 1st, NSW pubs and restaurants will be allowed to house as many patrons as applies to the measure of four-square metres per person. From June 22nd, Victoria will allow up to 50 patrons in pubs, clubs, theatres, cafes, museums, cinemas etc.

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Victoria makes sure cinemas are opened right in time for the release of Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet, while NSW are letting pubs cram as many of the drinking public in their four walls as possible. The equilibrium has almost been restored.

“As always, timing on any future changes remains subject to the advice of our Chief Health Officer. Because as far as we’ve come – it’s not over yet,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said in a statement. He continued that, whilst lockdown restrictions are easing, those who are able to work from home are advised to continue doing so.

In addition to these changes, the Victorian Government has announced that public arts centres will reopen from June 27th, including Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Museum. NSW venues able to accommodate up to 40,000 will soon be allowed to seat a quarter of their total capacity.

Over the weekend, ScoMo announced that public gatherings will no longer have capacity limitations, allowing ticketed and seated festivals to go ahead.