Why Logan Paul wore a $193,000 Pokémon card to his Floyd Mayweather bout

Controversial Youtuber and heavyweight boxer, Logan Paul, donned an exclusive first edition Charizard card to his historic Mayweather fight.

Former post-mortem photographer Logan Paul donned a shiny, laminated Charizard Pokémon card ahead of his highly anticipated boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. For those out of the loop, Paul decided to take up a career in boxing after he got tired of tasing dead rats, pumping out racist tweets, and harassing the citizens of Tokyo.

The card in question is a first edition, BGS 10 rated, Charizard card which Paul bought for US$150,000 (AU$193,000). However, Paul claims that the card has significantly risen in value since he purchased it, and is now worth US$1 million (AU$1.29 million).

Mayweather Vs. Paul
Image: USA Today

The card’s value is due to it being one of three BGS 10 rated cards in existence. BGS (Beckett Grading Service) is the gold standard of authenticity in quality marking for collectable trading cards.

Unlike the card, however, some people have begun questioning the authenticity of Paul’s fight. The bout ended with no winner being announced, and many praising Paul for his tenacity after lasting eight rounds in the ring with one of the greatest boxers of our time.

This didn’t stop the internet from quickly becoming sceptical after footage surfaced of Mayweather knocking Paul out, but quickly hugging him to prevent his opponent from falling over.

The fight itself was not the showstopper it was hyped up to be either. Mayweather exhibited his classic defensive style, whilst Paul demonstrated some avant-garde flailing.

Ahahahahahahhaha from fightporn

Regardless of your thoughts surrounding the fight, the theatrical performances of the two men garnered them both millions of dollars in profit. Logan Paul also made a seldom intelligent decison of wearing the card around his neck.

For all we know this may be Floyd Mayweather Jnr’s last bout in the ring. That card is not only a valuable collectible on its own merit, but is now a tangible piece of memorabilia from a historical fight. That alone will raise the card’s value astronomically.