Looking for a singer? Why not a frog?

Looking for a singer? Why not a frog?

You know what’s great? Frogs. You know what’s even better? Frogs holding frog-sized microphones.

Frogs australia

Ahead of the release of a new app Frogs of Australia, several adorable amphibians have posed for photos whilst rocking out with some tiny microphones. The app is designed to identify the sounds of frogs in the wild, with information on most of the 238 known frog species that call Australia home.

Frog Microphone 6 Frog Microphone 4 Frog Microphone 3 Frog Microphone 2 Frog Microphone 1

Will they be fronting a little frog band in the near future? We bloody hope so.

Story first seen on BuzzFeed.