Looking for your nearest democracy sausage? We’ve got you covered

It is the day of the Australian Federal Election and (more importantly) the day of the Democracy Sausage.

It is known that the char-grilled latter is the real reason why we roll out of bed, and venture to our local polling booths.

Thanks to our friends at, you now have an interactive map that will help you achieve your lifelong goal of tasting every single democracy sausage in the country.

Now, before you embark on this sizzling pilgrimage, there are three things to note (and get excited) about this map. First, the map provides information on every single treasure trove of election-day treats (incl. vegetarian and gluten-free options). It currently lists 2138, a number which is rapidly growing as the day progresses.

Second, there is a live feed (no pun intended), which presents the percentage of voters with access to a #democracysausage (currently 40.8% of Australians). Third, and most importantly, with each democracy sausage you buy, you increase your electorate’s chance of winning “The Sizzling Award for commitment to #democracysausage”. That’s right, there is even a political contest amongst consumers of the wurst.

Of course, this election may have a considerable impact on our society beyond the culinary domain of sausages. We have heard that Labor may allocate over $30 million to Aussie music if it wins the election.

Australians approach this election with a heavy heart, following the tragic passing of Australia’s great political leader, Bob Hawke. As we remember Bob’s resilience and love for our nation, we wish you a happy election day.